Just back from Salem.  How come trips can be so different in time traveled between different drivers?  Some people just need to learn how to speed.  The trip to Salem took about three hours and change.  I’ll admit that I was on my way to see my family but I was only speeding a little bit and I did wear my seat belt the whole time.  That does cancel out my speeding doesn’t it?  Maybe not in the view of the “man” but it should, I think.  So Salem was nice.  We went downtown and hung out a little.  We caught the new movie Kung Fu Panda, which was hilarious, skaboosh.  The kids loved it too, they also got some stuffed characters from the movie which we only paid five dollars a piece for at Kholes.  We got them before the movie so the kids could bring them, which I ended up carrying most of the time.  After the show we went back to the Hotel-o, the boys call it that, I don’t know…..  Any way we went back there to go swimming which the boys had been talking about the whole time.  I always seem to be the party pooper cause I want to get out before everyone else.  It’s not my fault that my finger tips turn into raisins after ten minutes in water.  Well, after everyone got “kinda” settled down we ordered some yummy pizza.  Not from the usual Pizza Hut that our family loves but from another place that I can’t remember the name of right now.  Man it was gooooood!  Did I mention we love pizza?  The kids got to play in grandma and grandpa’s room for a while, they love playing, and then we went to bed for the night.  Sleep isn’t that great in a Hotel to begin with but throw in kids sleeping all over you it becomes non-existant.  This morning the boys started being rowdy and wanted to go to the grandparents room, so we graciously let them.  We heard them through the walls.  After we finally got ready for the day we went to breakfast at Denny’s.  It was pretty good, not as good as Smitty’s back home but it was good enough.  After breakfast we went to the Riverside Park and let the kids play on the toys and let them ride the courosel.  We thought about going on the river boat but on Sundays they only do the meal rides which are way too expensive, so we just watched as the boat went on down the river.  After the park we went to the mall and hung out till it was time to go.  The kids kept on saying they wanted to come with me or have me come with them.  It is pretty sad when the kids want to be with me so bad but I have to leave them.  It also makes me feel really good to know that my kids love me so much.  Well after we said our goodbyes I jumped in the back seat expecting to be back in Klamath Falls in three hours and change.  I think we were making good time when grandpa was driving but then grandma drove.  All I need to say is that I almost got a hundred pages into a new book that my father in law gave to me.  Well I’m back in Klamath and I miss my wife and kids already but it makes seeing them more special.  I love you guys.


I left my family in Washington on tuesday to come and work in Oregon.  I figured we would got a lot done this week.  Well when I got here it was a cloudy nasty day.  It’s been that way ever since.  Some of the days we left work early because there was too much rain and we couldn’t do anything.  After moving along like a turtle all week today we finally had a nice day.  We took advantage of the beautiful day and got a lot of work done.  We had hoped that it would stay nice over the weekend so the ground would dry out and make work easier.  As it happens, while I’m writing this post the rain starts coming down again.  All this time I should have been with my family in Washington where if it rains I don’t mind so much.  While I’m away I’d rather be doing something productive to make it worth being away.  That is why I’m saying Rain Rain Go Away, and don’t come back!

Good Travelers

We just had a fourteen and a half hour drive yesterday.  I’m proud to say that we all made it in a mostly sane state.  Our children have turned into the best travelers, since we travel all the time.  I’ve noticed that trips take a little longer than they should when traveling with kids.  From the false “I gotta pee’s” then nothing happens as we stand on the side of the road to the diaper blow outs and all the unneccesary, in my mind, stops; it really drags out a road trip.  The best was when my one year old had the diaper incident.  She had just had her diaper changed and we were heading down the interstate again when we smelled a terrible smell.  Thinking that it was the hundreds of cows roaming the foothills it was a few minutes before we realized it was our sweet little girl.  Good thing there was a rest stop just down the road!  Well, when the pants came off everyone made the same ugh sound as we saw poop all over.  With an improvised plastic bag and a luggage rack we saved the clothes and everyone’s noses.  The boys didn’t even fight too much.  One can’t really complain when they get ansy after eleven hours in their car seats.  All in all it was a pretty nice drive to Washington.

Keeping Clean

We are in the process of selling our home and we have to keep it clean all the time for showings.  Trying to do this with two rambunctious little boys and a little girl who gets into everything is very difficult to say the least.  We have to vacuum the front room two or three times a day, or more, because our children bring dry cereal and crackers in there to eat but it always seems more ends up on the floor than in their bellies.  The boys room is another story; they make a pretty good mess when they play with their toys.  One day we finally had enough of fighting with them to clean up their toys so we put a lock on their closet so they couldn’t get in and get the toys.  Now they have to ask us to open their closet, which can get a little old I’ll admit, but its better than having to clean their toys up every day.  Our little girl’s biggest mess problem is getting into the Lazy Susan to get crackers and cereal out.  We know we need to get those little child proof things for our cabinets but we don’t want people who come to look at our house to be turned off by a fully child proofed house.  As much of a hassle all this seems to be it’s actually nice to have a spotless house most of the time.  Maybe all of this will get us in the habit of keeping clean.  Or maybe not.

Getting Old

Ever feel like you’re getting old?  It seems to me that I am really old and I’m only 27.  I don’t know if it’s the kids that I see look extremely young for their ages or what.  I remember when I graduated high school and I don’t remember looking so dang young.  I have a sister who will graduate high school next year (my youngest sister) and she doesn’t look a day over 14 or maybe 15.  Sorry sis but you don’t.  Don’t be sad because you’ll enjoy it in a few years!  A couple of years ago my wife and I got stopped at customs because the guy thought we looked to young to be without our parents (we were 25 with two kids of our own).  After looking at our passports he shook his head and let us go.  Even though I’ve been told I look young I still feel old.  About a week ago I changed out the front door on my house.  It was a bit snug to say the least.  I pounded and pushed on that new door for about an hour before I got it in.  I’m still sore from doing that!  Then a friend of mine asks if I could come help him tear apart some equipment that his business purchased and of course I say sure.  Seven and a half hours later my muscles tell me that I’m really not as young as I used to be.  I’ve got this twinge between my shoulder blades that just won’t go away.  One more thing that tells me I’m old is I can’t keep up with my kids.  It doesn’t matter how early or late they go to bed, they get up at 6 o’clock in the morning.  Even on Saturdays!  If I could just find a way to harness the energy from my kids……..oh well.  Well I guess I’m done telling everyone stuff they probably don’t want to hear.  Stay young!

Adventurous Duo

Here is a little insight to the creative world of my two boys.

“Hey mister strong guy, let’s go get the monsters.”

“Otay faster man.”

Faster man and strong guy go racing through the jungle (the house) jumping over tree roots and ducking and rolling under low hanging branches. They come upon the bad monster guys.

“Get em!” Yells faster man as he rolls around the monster guys to get a better position to fight.

“Otay!” Yells mister strong guy as he comes in swinging his sword (plastic by the way). Whack! smack! “I dot him, I tilled him dead.”

“Ganks mister strong guy that was lucky!” Says faster man as he spins around to attack another monster doing a flip over the monster’s weapon and hamstringing the thing with his sword. “plastic” Then finishes it off with a down swing, flattening the carpet…I mean severing blades of grass as continues through his swing to catch another monster coming at him from behind. “Ha ha ha. Yes, I got him.”

“Help, faster man he’s donna det me.” Yells mister strong guy. He swings his sword back and forth keeping the monsters at bay. The monsters don’t even notice as faster man sneaks in behind them. Mister strong guy keeps the monsters occupied so faster man can get close enough for the kill. As faster man takes out the first monster the others are distracted and mister strong guy takes the chance to get one for himself. They both turn to the last monster and together take him out.

“Back to the fort!” Says faster man. They both run back through the jungle back to their fort (which is made out of blankets and chairs). When they get back to their fort they hear big monster steps.

“One followed us back. Hide!” Mister strong guy says as he scrambles to hide.

“Boys! It’s time to eat!” Yells the monster.

“We’re not boys! We’re faster man and mister strong guy.” Explains faster man.

“Well faster man and mister strong guy, it’s time to eat.” The monster tells them.

“Otay dad.” Says mister strong guy.

“Okay dad.” Says faster man.

And so ends the adventure of faster man and mister strong guy.


I can’t really say how much I love my girly. There is just so much to love about her. She is the sweetest little girl in the whole wide world. When she reaches up for me my heart just melts. She says dada in the cutest little voice that makes my heart melt. Her little curls remind me of a picture of her mom when she was a little girl, it makes my heart melt. The way she says “where is it” when she’s looking for her binky and kissy (a little blanket she carries around) it makes my heart melt. The way she giggles when she’s happy or excited makes my heart melt. When she is sleeping and her little lips are so cute it makes my heart melt. I can’t help but to be wrapped around her little finger. She makes my heart melt in every little thing she does. I guess you have to be a dad of a little girl to know how sweet they are and what they do to their daddies hearts. I love my little girl.